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Our Mission Statement

St Aubin Methodist Church
Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build confident faith in God,
to encourage Christian growth so that all may know God’s love in Christ and to strengthen community life in Jersey.

In 2017, we will strive to:


We believe that our location gives us a unique mission and calling to serve visitors to Jersey.

Often, it is when we are away from the familiarity and routines of home, that we have the time to think. We try to keep the church open and create the spaces and opportunity for people to encounter God as they reflect on their lives.

It is a common misconception that Jersey is full of wealthy people. There is wealth on the island, but there is also much poverty and social need. The food bank based at St Helier Methodist Church and supported by our church, has seen a great increase in use over the last couple of years.

Please remember the hidden and neglected needs of Jersey in your prayers.